Suncare For the Most Active People in Your Life

Everyone has that one super-active person in their lives, maybe you have a few or maybe it’s you! They run, bike, swim, or hike a crazy amount of miles and thus, spend tons of time outdoors. You can usually tell when they’ve been particularly active by how tan they’ve become. With the pandemic raging on, they’ve likely had even more time to spend outdoors. Make sure they have the best Arizona sunscreen to keep them safe through all of their adventures. 

Water Resistant, High SPF, Dries in Seconds 

Arizona Sun products are designed with active people in mind. We took our traditional, Arizona-native ingredients and turned them into our best-selling SPF 45 Water Resistant Spray. It’s perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and those who spend a lot of time in the water. 

As active people ourselves, we know one of the most important aspects of a quality sunscreen that we can rely on for daily use is how it feels on our skin. In the Arizona heat, or anywhere during the summer months, we knew our fans wouldn’t benefit from a sunscreen that leaves a layer of grease on top of their skin. There’s nothing worse than feeling like your sunscreen never soaked into your skin and is sweating off, leaving you worrying about sunburn mid-workout. Put those days behind you when you ditch the drugstore sunscreen and pick up a bottle of our SPF 45 Spray. 

Arizona Sun’s SPF 45 Spray has been taken all over the world by some of our most active friends, family members, and fans. Check out our Instagram, @arizonasunproducts, to see some of the corners of the world its made its way to. 

Arizona Sunscreen

Don’t Forget Lip Protection

It’s easy to forget sun protection for your lips when you’re busy covering your body in sunscreen. Just when you think you’re completely covered and head out the door, you suddenly realize how dry your lips feel. Next time you reach for your go-to lip balm, consider the ingredients in it. Many lip balms have ingredients that sound like they would soothe your lips, like menthol and peppermint, though they actually cause further damage, keeping you reaching for it a dozen times a day. 

Arizona Sun uses ingredients proven to soothe and provide long-lasting moisture. We offer a variety of lip balms, all of which are SPF 15. SPF 15 is perfect for the skin on your lips because it protects them more than a regular lip balm without feeling like you’ve got actual sunscreen on. 

Our signature balms, Lip Kist, and Prickly Pear aren’t the only ones we offer. There are 4 unique Sports Blok lip balms formulated with outdoor enthusiasts in mind: Biker Blok, Golf Blok, Cycle Blok, and Surf Blok. Choose your favorite activity and keep your lips quenched 24/7!

Discover your best Arizona sunscreen and lip balm combination and be prepared for all of nature’s elements with Arizona Sun. Call us toll-free to place your order: (800) 442 4786 or visit our website for the full Arizona Sun collection:


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