Sunburn 101: How It Happens and How to Find Relief

Sun protection factor

We've all been there - lobster red, sore to the touch, and wondering how a few hours outside led to a week of discomfort. That’s the time you’ll look for sunburn relief in the form of an Arizona Sun care product. With aloe in the ingredient listing and a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15, you can fight off those merciless UV rays.

Why Sunburns Happen and the Importance of SPF

You know how it goes—you're outside enjoying the sun and the next thing you know, your skin is red and painful - blistering and peeling. A sunburn happens when the UV radiation from the sun reaches your skin cells and damages the DNA.

The peak hours for sunburn risk take place between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. Stay out of the sun, if possible, during that period.

How Aloe Vera Relieves Sunburn Pain

Sunburns make life miserable, but aloe vera gel can help soothe the pain. The succulent plant produces a gel-like sap that's full of soothing and healing properties.

Top Reasons to Choose an Aloe-Based Product

When you have a sunburn, aloe vera gel helps in several ways:

  • Aloe vera relieves inflammation and reduces redness. The gel contains anti-inflammatory agents that calm irritated skin and shrink swollen tissues.
  • Aloe vera gel moisturizes and hydrates. The gel is full of water and helps draw moisture into the skin. This helps with the tightness and stinging of sunburn pain.
  • Aloe speeds healing. The gel contains compounds like polysaccharides that help regenerate new skin cells. This causes sunburned skin to heal faster and minimizes peeling.
  • Aloe also cools the skin. 

Reapply an aloe sunburn relief product as needed to keep skin moist and promote healing. The more you use an aloe sunburn relief gel, the faster your sunburn will fade. By using a product with aloe as its main ingredient you’ll heal more comfortably.

Check your Location and What You’re Wearing Whenever You’re Outdoors

If you have to go outside, it’s helpful to do the following to protect yourself from the sun. Take an inventory and check the following:

  • Are you working or taking part in an activity where you’re directly exposed to the sun (such as a field or on a roof)? If so, you’ll need extra sun protection and you’ll need to take several breaks (finding some shade) during the activity.
  • Do you have any exposed parts that may easily burn? For example, if your ankles are exposed, you’ll need to cover them.
  • Do you have plenty of water available to stay hydrated?
  • If you feel warm, can you find a place where you can get cool and rest?
  • Do your clothes adequately protect you from the burning sun?
  • Are you wearing a hat?
  • How about your sunglasses? Are they designed to deflect UV rays?
  • Are you using an Arizona Sun lip balm with a sunblock or a tanning oil or moisturizer with this added skin protection barrier? (For your convenience, you can buy lip balm on a rope. That way, you’ll always have your lip protection handy).

Sun protection factor

The Scientific Reasons for Sunburns

The likelihood that you’ll burn depends on the amount of melatonin in your skin. A sunburn is another name for a burn caused by radiation or ultraviolet rays. UV rays damage upper level skin cells of a person’s DNA.

Therefore, a person with fair skin really doesn’t tan - they usually burn or experience redness when they attempt to soak up some sun.

Solar radiation comes in the form of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. While the atmosphere on earth absorbs most of the UVC rays, the other two types of beams hit the ground and therefore can easily damage unprotected skin.

Applying Aloe-Based SunBurn Relief: Make It Your Go-To Ingredient

The sun may not pick and choose who it burns, but you can monitor how much sun you get. Take precautions to protect your skin by applying a product with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15.

Regardless of your skin tone, it’s important to play it safe when it comes to outdoor sun exposure. Using a sun block and applying an aloe-based product for sunburn relief are both important measures to take when you’re exposed to harmful UV rays.

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