Sun Oil Lubricants for a More Pleasurable Massage

Having a stressful day in Arizona can enervate you. That’s why you must not snub the idea of getting a body massage. It doesn’t mean that you go to a spa. You can just ask your partner to massage you and use the sun oil lubricants that you got from Arizona Sun. 

Massage, per se, is therapeutic. But it’s more therapeutic if it’s your partner who’s giving you the message that your body needs. It’ll be more relaxing and sensual. 

Arizona Sun Oil Lubricants as a Lube and as a Body Massage 

Our personal lubricants at Arizona Sun aren’t just for your activities in bed with your partner. Rather, it’s also a good oil to moisturize your skin. It’s a non-sticky formula to give you a satisfying massage. 

If you’re having fun with your partner while in a hot tub, for instance, you can grab this lube to boost the experience. 

It’s a great feeling and it’s nothing to be shameful of. 

sun oil lubricants

But, as mentioned earlier, our lube isn’t just for your bedroom experience. Rather, it’s also ideal when you want a more satisfying body massage. 

Although you can get a massage without oil, it can be cumbersome. The oil can reduce friction, thereby, giving you a pleasurable feeling. 

In other words, the oil will enhance the massage benefits. It will make the massage more relaxing. It’s especially true after having a tough week. 

Choose a Hypoallergenic Lubricant

The sun oil lubricants at Arizona Sun are hypoallergenic. This is necessary so you won’t get an allergic reaction when you apply it to your private parts. 

Our personal lubricants are fragrance-free and are safe to be used with latex and plastic. They won’t block your skin pores because they’re made of natural ingredients. 

We tested these lubricants to ensure their skin safety. And if you wish to ship them directly to your house, we can do so discreetly. 

Are They Silicone-Based? 

One great reason for using our personal lubricants is that they’re silicone-based. It means that they are long-lasting. Thus, they are perfect for a longer session with your partner. 

Since they last longer, you don’t need to reapply often. They are also perfect when you and your partner decide to be intimate in the shower or if you wish to pleasure yourself while in the shower. 

They don’t wash away easily. 

No Artificial Flavors

The use of lubricants with artificial flavors is a no-no. That’s because you won’t know how your skin will react to the additives. 

Hence, if it’s your first time buying a lubricant, make sure to choose a product with no artificial flavors. Thus, avoid getting a product that promises to give you a “warming” or “tingling” effect. 

Our personal lubricants don’t contain any spermicide chemicals as they may cause vaginal irritation. It won’t be a good experience when your private is irritated after using a lube. 

Find the Flame 

If you need to boost your experience in bed with your partner, try our sun oil lubricants. They might be the answer that you need to find the flame that has been missing. For any other need on skin protection products, browse through our catalog.

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