Skincare Tips For Our Cold Climate Friends

While we love living in the warm desert, we know many of our friends and fans live in colder climates that require different skincare routines and remedies. Founder Robert Wallace is from the midwest. He grew up in the cold and windy state of Michigan where you need extra moisturizing lip balm and lotion in the winter and spring. The air may be far more humid than here in the desert, though the cold wind can quickly wreak havoc on your well-moisturized skin.

skincare tips for cold climate

Built For Any Climate: Arizona Sun Lip Balm 

We know our Midwest and East Coast friends are tough and that the cold weather doesn’t keep them from their outdoor activities. Spending the day skiing or snowboarding makes cold winters far more fun, though it certainly takes a toll on your skin. Keep your favorite Arizona Sun lip balm in your jacket so when you’re hitting the slopes, your lips don’t suffer. Chose your favorite from our Sports Blok SPF 15 collection or the original SPF 15 Lipkist and Prickly Pear lip balms. These moisturizing lip balms are formulated for all-day wear. The nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E and Jojoba extract penetrate deep below the surface of the delicate skin on your lips. Many drugstore lip balms come in peppermint flavors around the holiday season, though peppermint and menthol in lip balm can actually dry out your lips, causing you to constantly reapply and make them worse. Always check the ingredients on your lip balm, or just stick to Arizona Sun to be sure you’re always using nourishing ingredients native to the Sonoran Desert!

Yes, You Do Need Sunscreen In The Winter!

Ever spend a couple hours in the winter sun and wonder why your face is red and dry the next day? That’s because the sun’s UV rays are still strong enough in the winter to cause sunburn even when you can’t feel the heat. Wearing Arizona Sun SPF 15 and SPF 30 during the winter months will keep your skin moisturized and burn-free. This always makes it far easier to maintain hydrated, healthy skin in the winter. When your skin burns, it gets dried out and can take a long time to fully recover if not treated right away. If you do end up with a sunburn, use Arizona Sun Sunburn Relief Gel. It’s full of aloe vera and cacti that nourish and hydrate skin. Restore moisture in the most natural way with this magical blue gel. 


If you have fair skin, it’s best to stick to Arizona Sun SPF 30 and above during the winter as well. Skin cancer isn’t limited to the warm weather months, it’s important to stay protected year-round for your best defense against sun damage. 

Keep Your Arizona Sun On Hand Year-Round

Another great use for our 1 oz bottles of Arizona Sun Moisturizer is to keep in your winter coats and jackets. This way, you’ll never be without soothing hydration for chapped hands. Visit our website for all of your moisturizing lip balms, sunscreen, and winter skincare necessities! 

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