Oil-Free Moisturizers Are a Must-Have In The Dry Heat

It’s been a particularly hot and sunny Fall this year in Arizona. Since we seem to have skipped our usual monsoon season where the temperatures start to drop, we’ve been using our Arizona Sun SPF 45 Spray well into October and our go-to oil-free moisturizer to keep our skin smooth and hydrated through the long summer

oil-free moisturizer

Sensitive Skin Requires Carefully Formulated Skincare and Suncare Products

Arizona Sun Oil-Free Moisturizer is a must-have if you’re prone to oily skin, breakouts, or just need a light and refreshing moisturizer. If your skin tends to feel oily, dry, or is just lacking that natural glow, it’s likely that you’re not using the right skincare or suncare products. Living in the desert, you need products formulated for a dry and sunny climate. Skin that is lacking enough moisture can overproduce sebum, the oil your body produces naturally. When your body is producing too much, it can lead to clogged pores. Arizona Sun Oil-Free Moisturizer has Jojoba Seed extract which has been known to help control sebum in the skin as it absorbs any excess. It’s also non-comedogenic so there’s no need to worry about it clogging your pores. Our formula has been created with Arizona-native plants here that flourish in the dry Sonoran Desert. Plants like Aloe Vera, which has a soothing, cooling effect on your skin, and Saguaro Cactus, which contributes to the spicy floral scent you find in Arizona.  These plants absorb quickly into your skin for a light, non-greasy feeling that feels fresh in the Arizona heat. 

Revive Your Skin After Sun Exposure

Arizona Sun Oil-Free Moisturizer is especially soothing after spending time in the sun. If you live out here in the dry heat, you know just how quickly your skin loses moisture. Even when using plenty of sunscreens, it’s important to care for your skin right after sun exposure. Get ahead of any possible sunburn and irritation before it sets in. Arizona Sun Moisturizer has plenty of Vitamin E extract that’s been proven to increase blood flow so your skin will look dewy and refreshed. Use in combination with our Sunburn Relief Aloe Vera Gel for the best post-sun recovery. This gel is packed with aloe vera that is best known for its ability to soothe sunburnt skin and speed up the healing process. When your skin burns, it becomes very dry and needs extra moisture to help heal quickly. That’s why we use ingredients like Jojoba Seed Extract from the native Jojoba plant. This plant has also been known to speed up sunburn recovery while moisturizing and softening the skin. 

All Your Skin Care and Sun Care Needs are at Arizona Sun 

Living in the dry Arizona desert isn’t easy on your skin, which is why Arizona Sun has been providing skin care and sun care formulated for even the hottest days since 1982. Visit our website or give us a call at 480-998-8861 or email us at to find oil-free moisturizer, sunburn relief, and lip protection so you can get back to enjoying your time in the sun! 

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