Keep Your Hair Healthy and Strong in the Arizona Desert

Suncare takes on a different meaning here in the southwest. Your hair and skin lose moisture very quickly in the dry, Arizona desert. Arizona Sun Shampoo and Conditioner are formulated with moisturizing ingredients for even the hottest desert conditions. If you plan to be here in the southwest for a while, you’ll need a consistent moisturizing routine to help repair dry ends for sleek, healthy strands.

Sulfate and Paraben Free Hair Care

Limiting the amount of sun exposure to your hair is important, but to ensure long term hair health, using sulfate-free hair products is necessary. Arizona Sun Shampoo and Conditioner consists of a natural pH-balanced formula that brings out your hair’s natural shine. 

Drugstore hair products consist of chemicals that act as foaming and rinse-aids. These chemicals, like sulfates and parabens, strip your hair of it’s natural oils, leading to drier, brittle strands. Arizona Sun believes in products that promote healthy, clean hair, in the most natural way possible. Of course, the most natural form of hair care would be to use no products at all, but we’ve evolved far past those days. 

The best thing you can do for your hair during this day and age, when daily tasks and stress build up quickly, is to treat it with rich, hydrating plants. The state of Arizona is full of native plants that are restore damaged hair. The Jojoba plant grows in the Sonoran Desert and we use the extract from the seeds in most of our products. This plant is essentially a cocktail of vitamins and minerals including B Vitamins, Vitamin C, E, and zinc, all of which strengthen hair. 


Healthy Hair Starts with Healthy Roots

When you think about hair health, dry, damaged hair ends are probably what bothers you the most. This isn’t surprising, as most beauty brands claim to make products that repair and restore the ends of your hair. What’s not advertised as much is the importance of scalp care. Healthy hair starts at the hair follicle. Without healthy, moisturized follicles, hair becomes thinner. Using Arizona Sun Shampoo and Conditioner that are rich in native plant oils from Jojoba and Cactus are essential to maintaining thick, shiny strands. 


Did you know that cactus is high in Omega fatty acids? These acids promote hair growth as they help repair the structure of damaged hair follicles, leading to stronger, thicker hair over time. In addition to the benefits of fatty acids, cactus extract carries many of the same nourishing vitamins and minerals as Jojoba extract which makes your hair sleek and shiny. 


To achieve your healthiest hair in any climate, use Arizona Sun Shampoo and Conditioner every time you wash your hair. Be sure to use cool water as hot water dries out hair and skin. For more information about Arizona Sun’s line of suncare inspired hair products, visit our Bath page on our website. 

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