Is SPF 8 Sunscreen Too Low?

SPF 8 sunscreen

SPF 8 sunscreen is a great option you can use. Although the level is quite low, it still provides protection, especially if you wish to get a tan. The protection can still shield you against the harmful effects of UV radiation. 

Should You Pick SPF 8 Sunscreen or Higher? 

Indeed, higher SPF is preferred against UV rays. A lower sunscreen factor is ideal for those who wish to get a tan. Nevertheless, a lower factor is still better than having no protection at all. The application is also vital. Even if you use a higher sunscreen factor, if you don’t apply it generously and re-apply every two hours. If you are swimming or sweating, you need to re-apply it for maximum protection.  

Sunscreen Ingredients: Physical Blocker and Chemical Blocker

Besides the SP factor, it’s also vital to look into the sunscreen ingredients. There are two main categories. It’s a mineral sunscreen that contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. They form a physical barrier on the skin to reflect and scatter UV rays. The blockers are stable and won’t irritate compared to chemical blockers. Its active ingredients work by absorbing UV rays. They also convert them into heat and release them from the skin. Compared to physical blockers, chemical sunscreen is lighter and your skin absorbs it easily. However, it causes skin irritation in some people. 

SPF 8 sunscreen

When you talk of sunscreen, you don’t only consider the active ingredients but also the other ingredients, like fragrances, preservatives, and moisturizers. It is vital to pick a sunscreen that is appropriate for your skin type. Hence, do a patch test first before using it to ensure that your skin won’t react negatively to any of its ingredients. 

Sunscreen with Natural Ingredients 

Using sunscreen that contains cactus and other natural ingredients is better. They offer hydration without causing skin irritation. They soothe and moisturize the skin, which is beneficial if you have dry or sensitive skin. Sunscreen with natural ingredients is also gentle on the skin, thereby, reducing the risk of redness and inflammation. Furthermore, they are environment-friendly. They contain biodegradable materials that make them a good choice if you are conscious about the impact on the environment. Plus, they are non-toxic as they are free from harmful chemicals, like parabens. 

It’s vital to remember that natural ingredients can offer benefits. But not all natural sunscreens are equally effective in protecting your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Thus, to ensure adequate protection, choose sunscreen from a reliable source. 

Sunscreen for Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you might be skimping on applying sunscreen because it is greasy. Thankfully, you can choose greaseless sunscreen lotion that lets you have more time in the sun while getting a gentle tan. This oil-free sunscreen contains a blend of native cacti, plants, and sun protectants that keep your skin soft and protected. Most of all it has a wonderful fragrance. 

At Arizona Sun, you can opt for oil-free sunscreen or the SPF 30 water-resistant sunscreen that you can use when you swim. Check out your options here. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to obtain 10% off on your first order.

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