Is SPF 8 Enough for Light Skin?

 SPF 8

You know how vital it is to wear sunscreen. But SPF 8 may not offer enough protection for your light skin. If you have a very fair complexion, your skin burns easily. You also don't tan quickly. Hence, it’s highly suggested to use SPF 20 or SPF 30. 

SPF 8 or Broad Spectrum Sunscreen 

Incorporating sunscreen protection into your routine is vital to protect your skin now and in the long run. Unfortunately, many skincare users have difficulty knowing the level of sun protection to apply every day. Now that you’re aware that SPF 8 does not offer enough protection, you might wonder if factor 15 is ever enough. Or should you be applying factor 50? 

Before considering the “factor,” you need to consider a product with a broad spectrum. This label indicates that it protects you against UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are associated with fine lines and pigmentation. UVB rays, on the other hand, are responsible for melanoma and burns. Thus, before dismissing a sunscreen product with SPF 8, make sure to look at its label. Even if it is just SPF 8 but it can protect you against UVA and UVB rays, then the defense is still enough. In fact, it is better than having an SPF 50 but doesn’t have broad-spectrum protection. 

Light Color Skin Tone 

Your skin tone is vital in choosing a sunscreen that can be effective. As mentioned, if you are light skinned, you are at the highest risk of skin damage. Hence, you need to use a minimum factor of 30. But it must be broad-spectrum sunscreen. A broad-spectrum product is useful for all skin types. 

What’s Your Lifestyle? 

Arizona is blessed with year-round sun. But many of you think that you don’t need to wear sunscreen when it is cold outside. Keep in mind that if UVA rays can penetrate glass, they can penetrate your skin. On cloudy days, harmful UV rays can still be present. Thus, if you participate in outdoor sports or you work outside, then you should consider your lifestyle when finding the best sunscreen that you can wear every day. The amount of sunlight that reaches the skin varies depending on the altitude and time of day. 

 SPF 8

Skincare Routine 

When deciding what sunscreen to apply, you should consider your overall skincare routine. If you use retinol, your skin is likely to be sensitive to UV light. Thus, you’re more prone to skin damage. Make sure to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen every day. And don’t just think about the sunscreen lotion or moisturizer. Rather, make sure to use an umbrella or a hat when going out if it’s sunny. 

What is SPF 8 for? 

Even though SPF 8 is not ideal for light skin to protect against UV rays, this lower factor can be perfect if you are trying to get tanned. If you are shopping for skincare products that protect your skin against harmful UV rays, please visit our online shop here. 

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