Is It Okay to Apply Lip Balm Every Day?

lip balm

Lip balm is a waxy-tasting stick that you use when your lips are cracked and needed fixing. It’s available in different colors and flavors so you can get excited about using it. This stick becomes something that you need in your purse or pocket. But when it comes to this stick, is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? Can you overuse it? 

How Often Should I Put Lip Balm On? 

You could be using lip balm far too much. When you use it every day even if your lips are not dry, your lips will be drier. According to this statement, "There are two potential issues that arise when using lip balm. First, if it has a potentially irritating ingredient, it can cause inflammation and loss of hydration. This, in turn, causes your lips to need more moisture so you keep applying the product and it turns into a vicious cycle.”

However, your lips will only become drier if you are using lip balm containing harmful chemicals. It’s especially true if the product has humectants. They draw water from the air. If your lip balm contains humectants, make sure that you only use it whenever necessary. You don’t want to use it every day if you don’t want your lips to become more dehydrated and duller. 

How Does Lip Balm Work? 

If you do have dry lips, you can use lip balm every two hours. You should also use a product that contains an ingredient that can effectively lock in moisture, just like Lipkist Lemon Lip Balm which has SPF 15. This product is from Arizona Sun and it only contains natural oils and aloe extract that can effectively hydrate, moisturize, nourish and promote kissable lips. It also contains moisturizing ingredients, like safflower, jojoba, castor seed, sunflower, and mineral oils. Another thing to consider when buying lip balm is the SPF. That is, you must choose a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from the sun.

lip balm

Is It Okay to Put Lip Balm at Night?

Yes, it’s perfectly okay to put lip balm at night. A huge benefit of using it at night is that your lips will be properly nourished and supple by the morning. Your body will also flush out the toxins while you’re asleep. The lip balm protects the new skin cells. As a result, you’ll have supple, healthy-looking lips when you wake up. It gives your pout a sheer wash. 

Protect Your Lips at All Times 

Your lips have delicate skin. That’s why you must apply protection before going out. This is especially true if you will expose yourself to the heat of the sun. Using lip balm keeps your lips healthy and won’t appear dry and dull. 

What Lip Protection to Use? 

There are several lip balms on the market. But you must check the ingredients and make sure that they contain no harmful chemicals. If you want to be safe, please check out this lip balm from LipKist. Shop our products for more options on lip balms and other skin protection items.

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