Get to Know Every Sunscreen Option from Arizona Sun

Arizona Sun carries many sunscreen options for every skin type. We believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to sun protection, which is why we developed a range of different options for everybody.

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For an Active Lifestyle: SPF 45 Water Resistant Spray

Many of our fans are swimmers, runners, bikers, golfers, you name it! We love our outdoor enthusiasts and want to treat them with the best sun protection out there. Our SPF 45 Water Resistant Spray is our ideal sunscreen for a day spent outdoors and for an active lifestyle in general. When you first apply, you’ll notice it doesn’t feel like sunscreen but rather a fast-absorbing moisturizer that gives your skin a healthy glow. As long as you reapply every 2 hours, as is recommended with any sunscreen, it’ll last through all of your outdoor activities, evening in the hot Arizona summers. Because it’s oil-free, it could be a great option for those prone to breakouts. We’ve noticed over the years that when we ask why someone doesn’t wear sunscreen, a big reason is that aggravates or causes acne. If this is the case for you, you likely aren’t using the right kind. Arizona Sun SPF 45 Spray is oil-free and includes anti-inflammatory ingredients like Cactus Seed Extract and Aloe Vera.   Think of it as a light-to-medium, oil-free moisturizer that does all the work of sunscreen.


For Your Morning Routine: SPF 30 Oil-Free

We always say that one of the best ways to prevent sunburn, premature aging, and every other ailment caused by sun exposure is by adding sunscreen to your morning routine. When you assume you’ll remember your sun protection before going outside, there’s probably a good chance you forget more often than not. Making sunscreen part of your morning routine sounds icky when it comes to regular, greasy formulas that have harsh smells. However, just like Arizona Sun SPF 45 Spray, SPF 30 Oil-Free has the feel of a light-to-medium moisturizer as well. Of course, it has our signature desert botanical scent that’s light and refreshing.


“For Kids Only” SPF 30 Water Resistant

Most kids can’t stand sunscreen or any type of sun protection. Have you ever tried keeping a hat on a toddler? Impossible. Between the harsh smells and the embarrassment of parents lathering them up, sunscreen applications are not a memorable experience. There are a few ways to make this experience far easier for both of you and they all start with Arizona Sun’s “For Kids Only” SPF 30 Water Resistant sunscreen. First off, we created a kid’s specific formula because we know kids like to have something that’s all theirs and unique to them. Just like all of our sunscreens, “For Kids Only” has the light and refreshing dessert botanical scent that smells nothing like chemical-filled sunscreens from the drugstore. They may even come to like our scent, though we know little noses are extra sensitive. Kids want to be independent so encourage them to apply their Arizona Sun SPF 30 by themselves. This will help them develop responsibility when it comes to sun protection and makes it a less embarrassing experience as well.

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