Does Sun Screen Become Toxic? — A Nightmare to Users

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Sun screen is beneficial to your skin. It protects it against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. However, if you have not used it for a long period or it is past its expiration date, then you might want to consider throwing it away. One reason is that it can become toxic. If that happens, instead of protecting you, it can cause cancer. 

Why is the Sun Screen Dangerous? 

Over time, the chemicals in this product can break down. It can produce benzophenone. It is a compound known to cause liver and skin cancer. That’s why many scientists want chemical sunscreen to be banned. Benzophenone can induce dermatitis, which leads to cancer. It affects thyroid function and disrupts your reproductive organs. 

Should You Be Worried? 

You should not worry about the sunscreen in your medicine cabinet. However, if it is expired, it is best to just toss it in the trash. Or you can purchase a product that contains only natural ingredients that are known to be safe on the skin and effective in protecting the skin from the sun’s rays. 

Sunscreen with Natural Ingredients

If you have shopped our products previously, then you understand that we only sell sun protection made of natural ingredients. This is one reason that sets us apart from other shops in Arizona. We don’t sell any product that contains harmful ingredients, no matter how effective they are in protecting the skin. 

sun screen

Oil-free Sunscreen Lotion 

This is one of our popular products. You can get it in a little sample size. With its small size, you can just toss it in your purse, sports bag, or golf bag. And if you need to re-apply it, simply retrieve it from your bag anywhere you are. Because it is oil-free, it is greaseless. In that case, you won’t look like a pan filled with cooking oil. 

It has a unique blend of ingredients that you can only find in Arizona. These would include cacti, jojoba, aloe juice, and rose flower, among others. For more information about these products, please visit here. 

Protecting Your Lips

Sometimes we forget that our lips, too, require protection against the sun’s rays. They are also vulnerable to the effects of the sun. Our lip balm prickly pear will give your lips some serious protection for hours. It can work as a lip moisturizer or a reliever from dryness. You can wear it under or over your lipstick. Although it is moisturizing, it does not appear to be shiny. Every time you feel that your lips are dry, you can just apply this product to help you feel better. 

Lip Balm contains aloe vera extract, sunflower, seed oil, safflower, and prickly pear, among others. To know more about this lip balm, make sure to visit our online shop here. 

Avoid Skin Diseases

Applying sun screen is just one of the ways to protect your skin against the harmful effects of UV rays. For more information, please visit our online shop or read our other posts here.

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