Do You Need Arizona Lip Balm When Sunbathing?

Arizona lip balm

Sunbathing is a popular activity across the US. Americans and those with fair skin want to soak their skin in the sun to get a tan. But because of the dangerous effects of sun exposure, experts recommend applying skin protection. However, don’t just stop there, you also need to protect your lips. When you’re in Arizona, lip balm is a must-have, along with sunscreen. 

When to Use Arizona Lip Balm

Sun care doesn’t just involve protecting your skin. Your lips need protection, too. Unfortunately, they are forgotten. Your lips are made up of skin that is thinner and more delicate. Thus, it’s more vulnerable to damage by UV rays. 

Hence, skin experts recommend using a good lip balm with SPF, like what Arizona Sun offers. It provides two kinds of protection. It will prevent the lips from experiencing dryness. Then, it will keep your lips looking young and healthy. 

Do You Need to Use It When Swimming? 

Dangerous UV rays can easily reflect off the pool as you swim. Thus, putting you at a higher risk of sun damage. Wear a lip balm with SPF when you’re swimming. You may forget about SPF while you drive on a sunny day. Indeed, there’s a glass in your car that can block most UVB rays. However, UVA rays can easily pass through the glass, thereby, causing damage to your skin.

Anytime You’re Outdoors 

Every time you are outdoors, you are increasing your risk of sun exposure and sun damage. Even if you only need to make a quick dig in your garden, for instance, you’re still exposed to the sun. Every time you are outdoors, you must not forget to use lip balm. You should always have it in your purse or pocket. 

Arizona lip balm

When in Winter Holidays

You may think that during winter, the sun doesn’t rise because you don’t see it often. But the sun is there even in colder months. And its rays will reflect off the snow when you’re skiing and snowboarding. In other words, even in winter, you still need to use lip balm. 

Don’t Lips Have Their Own Protective Layer? 

As mentioned, your lips have delicate skin. They don’t have sebaceous or sweat glands. As a result, they can’t produce protective sebum. Thus, it's crucial to protect them against environmental influences. With a lip balm, you’re providing more moisture to your lips. Applying lip care can prevent lips from drying out. In that way, they are left feeling fresh and smooth. Thus, make sure to take care of your lips. Don’t go out there exposing them to the damaging UV. 

Lips Burn in the Sun 

No matter what time of day it is or what season you are in, you need to protect your skin and lips every time you go out. Use Arizona lip balm and sun skin protection before leaving your house. You should re-apply these products every few hours to ensure full protection throughout the day. If you want to purchase an effective lip balm with natural ingredients, please head over to our online shop or just click this link.

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