At-Home Spa Treatments This Summer

While many spas and salons have opened back up in Arizona, plenty of establishments are playing it safe and continuing to stay closed due to COVID-19. Even though you can likely find a salon or spa open near you, Arizona Sun highly encourages at-home spa treatments due to the spike in cases throughout the state. Fortunately, we have all the Arizona skincare products to make an at-home spay day fun, relaxing, and cost-effective! 

Arizona Sun Bath Accessories that Make all the Difference 

A lot of our fans know us as their go-to sunscreen brand, but Arizona Sun offers much more than just sun protection products. From hair products to gifts and souvenirs, you never know what must-have you’ll stumble upon on our website. Visit our Bath page to find everything you’ll need for a spa day. 

Our exfoliating gloves are essential for your pre-shaving routine. They gently brush away dead skin cells to ensure a smoother, razor burn-free shave. Follow up with our Arizona Sun Moisturizer and your skin will feel softer and smoother than ever before. 

natural moisturizer


A perfect manicure starts with the right nail file. Have you ever bought one in its packaging, hoping it’ll do the trick, only to find out it’s too gritty or too soft for your nails? Or, have you found the perfect grit level only to realize the file wears down way too fast? Arizona Sun Crystal Glass Nail Files are tough enough to maintain their just-out-of-the-box appearance, yet they’re gentle enough for both natural and artificial nails. With etched into the crystal glass, they’re not only beautiful but fabulous as well. Everyone will be asking where they can get theirs!

Southwestern Fragrances You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Creating a spa-like environment is the first step to the perfect at-home spa day. Our Scented Fragrance Oil is the perfect way to melt away stress and start off the relaxing day. Of course, you can skip straight to the signature Arizona Sun Scent by pouring our Bath Gelee into a warm tub, though we do recommend adding a few drops of our Scented Fragrance Oil for added luxury and an aroma that will take you far, far away from any troubles. 

After bathing in luxury, follow up with Arizona Sun Skin Moisturizer to lock in moisture long after your spa day ends. The unique southwestern scent is one you won’t find in any other lotion product which makes it one of our best selling Arizona skincare products. It’s oil-free and formulated with sensitive skin in mind so it won’t cause irritation or acne. Once you add it to your post-shower or bath routine, you’ll never go back to an average drugstore moisturizer. It’s just that much better!

If you’re planning to follow up a bath with a massage, consider using Arizona Sun Tanning Oil. This formula is not only great for developing a beautiful color out in the sun, it also makes a great massage oil to lock in moisture. With aloe, wild roses, jojoba, cacti, and other Arizona-native ingredients, this oil has a wonderful aroma that will soak into your skin, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and hydrated. 

Plan your next at-home spa day the right way when you visit our website or call us toll-free: 1.800.442.4786

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