The 16 Oz Shampoo with Natural pH-Balanced Formula

What does pH balanced mean? Why is the 16 oz shampoo with natural pH balanced is one of the best-selling products at Arizona Sun? 

Your scalp is acidic. Compared to plain water or milk, it’s more acidic. Its acidity is likened to that of a black coffee level. 

But why does the pH of your scalp matter? 

Why a 16 oz Shampoo pH-Balanced Great for Your Hair? 

Generally, the scalp has around 5.5 pH. 

In that case, it’s slightly acidic. Your hair shaft is more acidic as it has a pH of around 3.6. 

Hair experts recommend the use of slightly acidic shampoo than basic. As mentioned, both hair and scalp are acidic. If you apply a basic shampoo it can cause premature aging. 

However, you don’t want to use too acidic shampoo for your hair as it can disrupt the skin’s acid mantle. It’s a film on the skin’s surface that acts as a barrier to bacterial and viral substances. 

In that case, you must avoid applying lemon juice or other very acidic solution to your hair. 

Creating a shampoo with pH-balanced is quite tricky. The reason for this is that many people want to use lathery shampoo. But that bubbly lather effect is created using basic products. 

As mentioned, basic hair products are not good for hair. That’s why customers are left with either a bubbly shampoo or an effective product. 

However, if you have a pH-balanced shampoo, you will enjoy your shampoo that’s bubbly and actually effective. 

The Arizona Sun has hit the spot. Its shampoos come with a balanced pH. It means that the pH when manufacturing the shampoo, the makers didn’t make it a lower pH, making it ideal for the hair and shaft. 

The Arizona Sun 16 oz Shampoo 

Use this shampoo regularly and you will soon enjoy having vibrant manageable hair. It helps in bringing out your hair’s natural luster as it combats the effects of sun and wind. 

All quality shampoos are pH balanced, including Arizona Sun’s. They are proven to be gentle on the hair while ensuring the hair shaft is as healthy as possible. 

Because they are gentle on the scalp and hair, you can use them every day. 

Arizona Sun shampoos are all about helping you attain healthy hair and scalp. They are pH balanced and they are proven to improve the scalp and hair’s health. 

They are perfect for people with sensitive scalps. Plus, they are free from dyes and fragrances. 

The Right Shampoo to Get a Healthy Scalp 

Because they are gentle on your scalp, Arizona Sun’s pH-balanced shampoo can help in fighting against dryness and itching. 

It moisturizes the scalp and protects it from any irritants that can cause dandruff. 

When you start using it, your hair will be silky smooth, and radiant.

Save Your Bad Hair Days 

With 16 oz shampoo pH balanced, you can say goodbye to having to experience bad hair days. Get yours here at Arizona Sun for only $19. Shop for our products!

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