Summer Sun Recovery

Hopefully, everyone is past their first sunburn of the year, especially if you’re in Arizona where it’s felt like summer for nearly two months now! If you haven’t yet been burned, make this the summer where you commit to a proper suncare routine. With Arizona Sun, we make this easy with our four steps for treating and avoiding another sunburn this summer. With just a few sunburn relief products and a quality sunscreen, you can turn around your skincare routine. Take it from us, your skin will thank you for decades to come! 

Step 1: Treat

How quickly you treat a sunburn plays a big role in how your skin will recover. Sunburns dry out your skin immensely, causing wrinkles and premature aging. The sooner you restore moisture back into the deep layers of your skin, the sooner the healing process can begin. Did you know that aloe vera is moisturizing? Most people think of it for it’s cooling and soothing effects but it’s also a natural moisturizer. It’s one of the southwest’s best holistic remedies for any skin ailment. With Arizona Sun Sunburn Relief Gel, you get the best of both! This beautiful blue gel has an aloe vera base with more ingredients native to the southwest like cactus and jojoba. Use it immediately after sun exposure and follow up with our signature Arizona Sun Skin Moisturizer Lotion. Helpful tip: Combine Arizona Sun’s Sunburn Relief Gel with rubbing alcohol to make hand sanitizer! 

Step 2: Restore

When healing, sunburnt skin is more sensitive and susceptible to further damage. It’s vital that you protect it with extra care throughout the healing process. We know it’s tempting to peel sunburnt skin but it’s extremely important to resist this temptation as it can cause an infection, and, at the very least, prolongs the healing process.  Be sure to use Arizona Sun Skin Moisturizer Lotion after each shower and hand washing. The best way to restore dry skin is to apply this lotion right after it’s been exposed to water. Continue to apply it throughout the day as skin dries out faster in the southwest summer heat and the dry northern winters. 

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Step 3: Rejuvenate

Your morning routine should include a light sunscreen, even if you plan to spend the majority of the day inside. Just running in and out of places for a few errands can lead to sunburn and sunspots, especially here in the desert. Arizona Sun SPF 30 Oil-Free Sunscreen is a great everyday sunscreen to add to your morning routine. Because of its non-greasy formula, you won’t even notice it’s there protecting your skin. Just remember to reapply throughout the day, especially before going outside for prolonged periods. Helpful tip: Buy a few and keep one in your bathroom next to your morning routine products, another one in your car, and another in your backpack or purse so you’ll always have one on hand. 

Step 4: Prevent


With our extensive line of sunscreen and sunburn relief products, this should be the easiest step! As mentioned before, it all comes down to making sunscreen a part of your routine so it becomes a habit. There’s a formula for every occasion, too. In the summer, you’ll want our SPF 45 Water Resistant Spray for the pool, trips to the beach, and exercising! For the kiddos, you’ll want to cover them in Arizona Sun’s “For Kids Only” line of SPF 30 Water Resistant Sunscreen and SPF 30 Oil-Free Sunscreen. Of course, you can’t forget to give your lips some love, too. Our two signature lip balms, LipKist Lemon and Prickly Pear are both SPF 15. SPF 15 is the perfect amount of sunscreen for lips. Anything less won’t be sufficient in protecting them from the sun’s harmful UV rays while anything more will make you feel like you put regular sunscreen on them! Both lip balms are also perfect sunburn relief products as they soothe sunburnt and windburned lips as well and help to speed up the restorative process. 


Get your summer skincare routine in check today with Arizona Sun! Visit our website or call us toll-free to place an order: 1.800.442.4786

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