Is It Safe to Apply Sun Block on My Face?

Sun block must be a vital part of your skincare routine. It’s essential because it can help in preventing the signs of aging and reducing your risk of skin cancer. However, you may wonder if it’s ideal to apply it to your face. 

Can You Apply Sun Block on Your Face? 

Yes, it’s safe to apply it to your face. Keep in mind that your face is the most exposed part of your body. That’s why you must pay close attention to it. But how do you apply it to ensure you get the maximum benefits? 

Here are some tips: 

  • Wash your face. To get maximum protection, make sure that your remove any makeup or oil from your skin. If you ignore this step, the sunscreen won’t stick properly on your skin. 
  • Apply a generous amount. After washing the skin, make sure to pat it dry before you apply a generous amount. Healthline recommends adding “.04 ounces of sunscreen on your face, or enough to fill just the bottom of a shot glass.” 
  • Include the neck and upper chest. Often, you forget these parts. However, your neck and upper chest are also exposed. Thus, make sure to give attention to these sensitive areas. And don’t forget the tops of the ears because they are also exposed. 
  • Rub excess sunscreen on the back of the hands. After applying sunblock to your face and body, you may find yourself with excess sunscreen on your hands. Unfortunately, most of us will just wash it up. Instead of washing it, make sure to rub it onto the back of your hands. 
  • Use sunscreen first before makeup. If you wear moisturizer, foundation, and other makeup, make sure to apply them over your sunscreen. 

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What Sunscreen to Use? 

There’s a staggering number of sunscreen products on the market. That’s why it can be difficult to find the best product to protect your skin. However, experts recommend opting for a sunscreen with high SPF. But make sure to use a product that you want to use. 

Do You Need to Re-Apply? 

Yes, this is vital because sunscreen wears off over time. You can re-apply as many times as you can. And if you hit the beach and swim, make sure to re-apply often. Even if the sunscreen has an SPF 30, the rule remains. That is, you must re-apply frequently throughout the day. 

High Standard of Sunscreens

When it comes to protecting your face and entire body, make sure to apply enough amount. The use of sun block can help protect your skin. Unfortunately, not all sunscreen products are the same. If you wish to shop for high-quality sunscreen, you may check out our online store and browse our sunscreen products. Our sun block is made with natural ingredients and we don’t add harmful chemicals. 

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