How Important Is Sun Protection For Sportspeople

Many people who enjoy sports, both at amateur and professional level, spend a great deal of their time outdoors. As science becomes more aware that ultraviolet radiation can cause skin cancers, a research has shown that "Due to their intensive sun exposure, many student athletes (SAs) have an increased risk for skin cancer", and there is an intensive program to ensure that they are adequate sun protection at all times. 

In the last year, as more people have spent less time outside due to working from home and not being able to go to the gym, it has become increasingly important for everyone to follow the advice of the expert and protect themselves from sun damage. Arizona Sun can help people of all ages to make sure that they are not exposed to UV rays.

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Golden Rules For Avoiding Sun Damage

There are several things that people participating in outdoor sports can do to reduce their risk of being burnt by UV rays. Perhaps the most important is to use a form of sun protection with an SPF of more than 30. A sunblock of SPF 45 is ideal for this. It should also be what is known as a broad spectrum, meaning that it covers a range of different levels of light, so that users are fully protected against UV rays. 

For swimmers and those engaged with water activities such as surfing, reapplying the lotion every hour is essential. Heavy perspiration should also mean that the lotion is reapplied every hour. It is also important to remember that prolonged exposure to every level of sunlight can result in sunburn, which is one of the factors for melanomas and other types of cancer.

Avoid The Midday Sun

Even during the summer, when it gets hot over time, the sun is always more intense between 10 AM and 3 PM. This means that sportspeople should always choose to be active outside of these hours. Going out in the early morning, or later in the evening can be the best way to ensure that activity levels aren't curtailed by the heat of the sun, and that UV light is kept to a minimum. Recommendations are that it is important to cover up even when the sun is at a low level because the intensity will still be sufficient to burn.

Get A Good Sun Block

To ensure that the sun protection you use is of the highest quality, it is essential that you pick one that is known to have a high SPF level and has a broad spectrum sunblock. Choosing a sunblock that is also easy to apply, particularly when you are out in the field is also a great idea if you want to avoid messy and awkward application of gels and creams when you are cycling or surfing. 

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