Arizona Sun’s Tips on how to Best Enjoy Sun Tan Oil

Tanning oil is one of the best ways to make sure you are able to get the tan you want while enjoying the sun. By applying these specific oils on your skin, it will attract more UV rays coming from the sun and focus them onto your skin. This higher exposure allows the melanin in your skin to be produced faster, accelerating the process of acquiring a perfect tan and intensifying it in the areas where the oil is applied. However, using sun tan oil isn’t about just applying it and laying on the sun. Here are a few recommendations so that you’re able to safely enjoy it.

Protecting Your Skin Accordingly

It’s important to remember that tanning oil alone won’t protect your skin properly, so it’s always good to wear sunscreen along with it. That will be particularly good to remember if the tanning oil doesn’t have a high enough SPF for effective sun protection. Contrary to popular belief, using sunscreen along with it won’t affect the tanning effects of the oil. Instead, it helps you tan without getting burnt. A good way to protect your skin, especially when it comes to your face, will be to first test out the tanning oil with a sample over a specific spot rather than all over your body. This will help you test for potential allergic reactions, as well as to help you figure out your skin’s specific relationship to this tanning oil in particular. That is why Arizona Sun sells sample sized bottles of tanning oil.

Getting an Even, Durable Tan

A good way to make sure you get an even tan will be by exfoliating your skin before applying the tanning oil so that you can remove the top layer of dead skin cells, and, if you’re planning to shave, do it before tanning rather than after. This will allow the tanning oil to better focus on the healthy skin, which will, in turn, last longer. Once you’ve prepared properly, evenly apply the oil all over your skin, paying close attention to not leave any uncovered spots. This will help you avoid tan lines and blindspots, resulting in that even tan that you’re looking for. If you want your tan to last, remember that moisturized skin retains a tan longer than dry skin, so don’t forget to moisturize before and after tanning. This way, you’ll avoid flaking or shedding dead skin cells.

Try Arizona Sun’s Sun Tan Oil

Arizona Sun is continuously making an effort to develop products that take care of your skin. Whether you are using them to protect yourself from the sun or to safely enjoy it, they have all the right products for you. Their tanning oil makes the most of its natural ingredients, such as sage, aloe, cacti, and wild roses, to protect your skin while helping it better absorb the sun’s rays and get you the tan that you’re looking for. However, that is only the beginning. Go ahead and take a look at everything that Arizona Sun has to offer at


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