Wetsports® SPF 30 WaterResistant - 2 oz.

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    Ready for your Vacation, Business trip, Outing or Family excursion! Wetsports® SPF 30 WaterResistant Sunscreen
    • Water-Resistant
    • Non-greasy
    • PABA Free sunscreen
    For all-day sunning, give your skin the protection it needs. Our non-greasy, water resistant formula blends natural skin moisturizers and full ultraviolet absorbers for a safe way to enjoy all water and winter sports as well as all activities under the sun. Reapply throughout the day. An excellent addition to our new RightForFlight travel bag. Check it out!
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We have been ordering Wetsports since you guys started the company! Love all your products. by Glenna Devies
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