ArizonaSun® Bath and Shower Gelee - 1 oz.

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ArizonaSun®  Bath and Shower Gelee -

1 oz.

This cute little sample is the perfect size for purse, sports bag, golf bag and traveling.

Begin your day with this wonderful skin-softening bathing and showering  experience designed to make your body feel soft and thoroughly cleansed. Excellent for shaving legs. Try our Arizona Sun moisturizer lotion afterwards for an all-day refreshing feeling!

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Our Sorority passed these out at a luncheon and now I'm hooked. I love the fragrance. I love how smooth my legs are after shaving with it. I also got a 1 oz. moisturizer - so I use that I'm through. It's like a beauty treatment instead of a drying session - which is what I use to have whenever I had to shave my legs. Just wanted you to know you have great products. by Lisa Strome
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This Gelee is perfect- I went on a trip to Europe this summer and space was an issue. I took some of these 1oz. bottles of Gelee and it was great. I used it for soap as well as for shaving. Double duty! I love the smell! By Janis C.
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