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Arizona Sun products are superior to anything else I've used. From lotion, shampoo, shower gel, etc...Nothing compares. Quality, scent, logo, product results are all the best I've encountered. Don't change a thing, except to add more products!
Tempe, Arizona


I love your moisturizer. I tried it when I was in Scottsdale over 10 years ago and can't find anything that compares. I continuously order this product as I have found NOTHING anywhere that even comes close to doing the job that your product does. Most other moisturizers create a greasy and irritating feeling, but not Arizona Sun. Yours goes on and is absorbed with no problems and makes your skin feel smooth and natural. Thanks for a wonderful product.
Trophy Club, TX

I was in Arizona last November and purchased your Sunscreen and Moisturizer while there; can't say enough about how lovely it smells, how well it works and how happy I am to be able to purchase more! Thank you for making such a delightful and healthy product!
BC, Canada

Your sun block is the only one that really works. Recently purchased more along with the lipkist. Thanks for having a great product.

My son has been a trumpet player for about 9 years. He uses more lip balms than I can imagine. Last year I was in Arizona and picked a couple up for him to try. They are the best. He has even given some to other musicians at the college. Thanks Arizona Sun.
Stephens City, VA

My two little girls have very sensitive skin and yours is the only sun block (and believe me, we have tried them all) that doesn't cause their skin to break out. Thank goodness for your website!
New York, NY

At the end of a long hard semester and a longer and harder travel ordeal (or, at least, so it seemed), I arrived at the Phoenix airport for my layover on route to Seattle. In addition to being starving and thirsty, my lips were so chapped that I could barely speak. I bought a tube of your Lip-Kist lip balm at a magazine stand and, at that first application, experienced lip perfection. Of course, at the time I thought that it was my fatigue and practically bleeding lips that made Lip-Kist so perfect at that moment, but that was only part of the equation. In fact, Lip-Kist became the first lip balm that I ever used all the way to the end and certainly the only lip balm that I have ever thought to seek out on the internet. I carry it with me everywhere I go and could not recommend it more highly. I cannot express my regret at knowing that, though I have been alive as long as Lip-Kist, it took me 21 years to find it.
Seattle, WA

While we lived in AZ we found your suncare products for children. We started using it on our 6 month old (who now is 11 years old!) and he and his sister (now 8, who has very fair skin) has never burned even when we took them (then 5 years old and 3 years old) to Cancun!! One time we switched and had sunburn in one day. Never again. We stock up on your product the beginning of the summer season. I also use your SPF15 and have not had sunburned in over 11 years. Thank you for your products.
Donna S.
Keller, Texas

While vacationing in Phoenix several years ago, I purchased your Lip Kist product so that my lips would not burn while out on the Arizona sun. That was 7 years ago and I use nothing but your Lip Kist. It is the best product I have ever used. I order them a dozen at a time and end up giving them away because so many of my friends and family try it and love it too!
Palmyra, New Jersey

Just a quick note to tell you that we think your tanning lotions are the best we have ever used. We travel frequently and have tried many, many products. So far, your product is truly the finest. I am very fair skinned and simply do not burn when I use the 15 sun block.. Even in Tahiti and Hawaii, your tanning lotions work far better than those we have tried which are produced locally.
Sonja & Tom W.
Kalispell, Montana

I cannot tell you how great I think your product is. I am an absolute fuss bucket when it comes to skin care. Immediately however, I recognized that you have an outstanding product. Recently I used my last drop of your product. I then tried a different kind of sun block and was immediately aware of the lesser quality of that product even though it was more expensive!. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the best sun block on the market.
Tammy S.
Glendale, California

We've been using your Sun-Kist product for over 8 years now! We just love it. I have given away so many of these to friends and relatives, I run out fast!
Diane S.
Greenwood Lake, New York

I bought Arizona Sun Skin Moisturizer. I have acne prone skin and am very sensitive to all brands of skin care products. I spent hundreds of dollars on other cleansers, moisturizers and lotions only to have breakouts within hours of use and I would only use them for a few moths at a time. I figured the same would happen with your product and I'd have to find something else to switch to. But guess what? No breakouts!!! Thanks so much
Sylvia Y.
Allentown, Pennsylvania

During the summer months I am troubled with excema, and while I was on vacation in Scottsdale I purchased a small bottle of your moisturizer to try out. Steroid creams are the only creams that clear up the infected areas, but your product is the only one which relieves the itching. Believe me I have tried every cream on the market. Thank you for the relief your cream has given me.
Paul G.
Manchester, England

I have enjoyed the opportunity to use your Lip Kist lipcare product and am convinced it is perhaps the best lipcare product available. I like the taste also.
Robert C.
Cleveland, Ohio

Hi I have used your shampoo conditioner and moisturizers for years and I absolutely love the mild soft scent of your products. Please don't change it! Thanks
Carla C.
Jupiter, Florida

I am writing you this letter to let you know how wonderful I think your arizona sun moisturizer is. I have tried lots of moisturizers and skin care creams and top brands and off brands. I would fill this page if I listed them all. I have combination skin. Oily and at the same time dry. Yours is the only one i Have found that softens and doesn't cause my face to breakout.
Shana B.
Davenport, Iowa

A kind friend of mine recently introduced me to your moisturizer lotion and I love it. I work on a ranch in Southeast Washington State and understandably I am outside in cold windy adverse conditions and opposite for summers. And my skin takes it pretty hard d. Dry flake face and hands all the time. I tried everything but your product really helped a lot.
Rosie G.
Waitsburg, Washington

Some time ago now, I stayed at the Sheraton Tucson El Conquistador Golf and Tennis Resort and had the opportunity to use some of your products placed as courtesy items in the suite. I particularly liked the Moisturizer- it is one of the best I have ever used. Thank you for making such a great product.
Gabrielle K.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Your Arizona Sun moisturizer is fantastico! Your product is the one thing we treat ourselves to when making our yearly visit to your marvelous state.
Marcia P.
Midland Park, New Jersey

I have rather sensitive skin but I have found your Sun Block to be the best for my skin.
Joseph D.
Prairie Village, Kansas<

I love Arizona Sun tanning lotions. I have freckles and I am fair complexion. I usually sunburn in one day and hurt for a week and then I am white all over again! With Arizona Sun I get a little color and I don't hurt.
Connie W.
Memphis, Tennessee

Recently I received a sample of your product called Arizona Sun Moisturizer, and have found it to be one of the best moisturizers that I have ever come across. I work as a nurse and have very dry hands, due to much handwashing. Your product has helped decrease that dryness. Please send more!
Lois D.
Indianapolis, Indiana

I am extremely allergic to many products but found no allergic reaction whatsoever to your product.
Blane C.
Victoria, British Columbia

I am a fair-skinned person with blonde hair and I never thought I would have a great looking tan. But after using your products I have a great looking and feeling tan. I attribute it to your products and of course the Arizona sun in the sky too! My mother and I have very dry skin and very dry and cracked fingers. This moisturizer is the best I have ever found and believe me I have tried them all. Can I get some more? I would really appreciate it.
Helen W.
San Bernardino, California

My boyfriend brought home some of your Arizona Sun shampoo and conditioner when he was in Arizona. Now, I only use the bet on my hair but I have to tell you I loved your product. Having only lived here in California and having moved from Phoenix I know what the sun can do to your hair. I am glad I lived in Arizona and found out about your shampoo.
Teri D.
Mission Viejo, California

Please send me information on all your products. After using your oil free tanning lotion I find I don't care to use anything else.
Geri W.
Wilmington, Delaware

My skin is very dry and I am allergic to many skin care products. But I had no problems at all from the Arizona Sun Moisturizer!
Charlene S.
Colusa, California

While vacationing in Arizona a friend gave me a bottle of Arizona Sun Moisturizer. I love it. I have my own house cleaning business which has done a real number on my hands. Your product is the only one that has really made a difference and believe me I have tried everything!
Carolyn S.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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