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Arizona Sun - Testimonials 3

Read what some of our customers have to say about us and our products!

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We all your products here in Chicago. It's not only "Da Bulls", it's Da Arizona Sun". We just think your products are the very best.

I tried your products on the internet for the first time about a year ago just because they looked so good. Let me tell you. They are simply the best. The moisturizer is the best. The fragrance is indescibable. Wow. I Arizona Sun.

I am not afraid to stand up and be counted. Your products are just terrific. I use the mositurizer before I shave mixed with a little H2O. Then afterwards I put it on my face. Smells so good. I use it every day. Love the Lipbalm too. Enjoy kissing the girls with it on.
Andre A.

My husband and I just your products. The internet makes it so easy to order and keep a fresh supply here in Idaho.

We both fell in with your products years ago. Found them in Alaska of all places when we were on a cruise ship. We use them all year long. They beat the heck out of anything on the market. We just the moisturizer and to smooch with the "LipKist " on!
Sonja and Rick

Love your products. I use your SPF 15 and 30's to start my summer and then switch to the tanning oil. Everybody tells me "I'm looking good" with my Arizona Sun tan. Thanks for such great products.
Bert G.

We just all your fantastic Arizona Sun lotions. Your moisturizer can't be beat. Love the way it is not greasy like all the rest of the companies. Keep making great products.
claudia j.

My skin is so soft and young looking. I have been using your products for years and years, Just them. I am so glad you are on the internet. I don't have to wait for my catalog anymore!
carly noel

We have been using your products for years. We just them. We are three single women, who didn't even know each other until we moved in together and by coincedence, just happen to all use Arizona Sun. We all your products!
Heidi,Angie & K.C.

First used your product about three years ago. Had three fun trips to Scottsdale and purchased product everytime. When I found your website I was so excited because we are unable to make a trip to Scottsdale this year.Thanks so much for the great products. The whole family truly enjoys them all.
Roberta Watson

Wake up Estee Lauder and all the rest. There is only one moisturizer in the whole world and that is Arizona Sun.I have been using your products(seems like forever) for years and I just the fragrance and the efficacy of the products. Just them.

I have been using your products since 1992 and I recommend to all my friends as well.
Mary E Donatoni

Every spring we order your products to protect our skin here in Florida. Arizona Sun is the best sun protection made. We just all your products. We never burn with them.
Suzie Z.

My husband had bought our first bottle of Arizona Sun Sunblock when he was visiting Arizona and we were living in Chicago. We now live in Southern California, are forever in our pool and I wouldn't be without this product! We recently went to Hawaii and Arizona Sun was the only thing that kept my 6-year old, redheaded son from burning. Thanks so much, Arizona Sun, for creating such a superior product.
Jackie Lynn

For over 10 years we used your products. They are the very best on the market. I keep the moisturizer in the bathroom, in my car, in my purse and on my desk at work. Enough said!!!!!
Bobbi Sue

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All of our Arizona Sunscreen and sunblock products are developed right here locally, providing the best sun tan lotion ingredients available for skin care. The cacti and plants offer exceptional natural ingredients to provide the moisture and enhancing substances your skin needs. Our sunscreen and sunblock products also feature a unique desert floral vacation fragrance, emulating the natural aromas of the southwest, while providing a non-greasy and oil free formula. We are proud that all of our sunblock and sunscreen products are environmentally friendly and never tested on animals. Experience the Arizona Sun difference!
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