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Read what some of our customers have to say about us and our products!

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I fell in with your products the minute I walked into your Scottsdale location. My skin is very light and have always had trouble in the sun, I've ALWAYS burned but with AZ Sun, I don't! It is truly the best product I've ever used on my skin!
Bess Di Lullo

My friend brought me some when she visited and I it! Now my lips are nice and . Keep up the great work!

This brand is WONDERFUL!!!

I have family out in AZ and about a year ago found your LipKist while visiting there. All I can say is WOW! It's never greasy and soaks right in and makes or lips soft and moist. It's by far one of the best products on the market. We even bought 10 of them this past October, since we can't find them here in Wisconsin!! Thanks for a great product line...hugs!

I went to buy our Az. Sun and saw your Holiday Special button. I thought WoW YOu can send out alot of my Xmas gifts with a touch of keypad. Saved me alot of time. Thanks so much. Now I just have to deal with my family at home!
Jenny and Jim

Best skin care products in the world. Thank God you are available on the internet!

As old time users of your Arizona Sun, at first we were embarra**ed to see your new product line! But then we both thought about it and started laughing because we had only heard about KY. After we thought about it, we decided since you make so many fine products this must be good too! So we bought a bottle and now we have another product to use! Thanks again.
Katheryn and Frank

We have been buying Arizona Sun for years and now just tried your new product. Wow!
Jill and Frank

We have been using your moisturizer, shampoo, and SPF's since we found it in Minneapolis. Great products. Just reordered!
Sally Hansen and Family

We have been buying your products since the 80's. Arizona Sun is the best skin care in the world. You can quote us!
John Slatter

Just received another order today and I must say the whole family was . When we had to buy another product the family was . We are so happy that we can purchase our ArizonaSun Products via the website, we ArizonaSun. Thanks. Dan, Roberta, Ann and Matt
Roberta Watson

Glad your are on the internet. Your stuff is so hard to find. Arizona Sun is simply the very best products on the market. Your competitors should take notice of you. Keep up the good work making terrific products.

We your product here in New York! Can't get enough of it. Your moisturizer, LipKist and sunstuff are the #1 skin lotions in all the world. This is an unsolicited fan of yours. I tell all my friends about them. Of course, usually every day someone says to me, What is that great fragrance you have on?" I tell them, why Arizona Sun of course!

Been using your products for years. They are just wonderful. We use the moisturizer every day and Lipkist too. Never had a product that worked so well on our dry skin. Soaks right in and is never ever greasy. The Lipkist deserves it's name. Our lips are always so kissable. Mmmmm good.
Dave & Marcie

This is a beautiful site.....We your products
Megan & Wayne

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