ArizonaSun® Bath and Shower Gelee - 16 oz.

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ArizonaSun® Bath and Shower Gelee

Begin your day with this wonderful skin-softening bathing and showering  experience designed to make your body feel soft and thoroughly cleansed. Excellent for shaving legs. Try our Arizona Sun moisturizer lotion afterwards for an all-day refreshing feeling!

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Best shaving gelee for legs. When the sales lady told me this I thought she did not know what she was talking about. But she was right! After I am done I put your Arizona Sun moisturizer on! Oh my god, the fragrance is phenomenal! by Win Chen
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First got this at Post Ranch Resort in California. Love starting each and every day shower or bath with this. You probably already knew this, but it is the best stuff to shave your legs with. After I am done, on goes the Arizona Sun moisturizer. by Sheila Anderson
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