ArizonaSun® Hair Conditioner - 16 oz.

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ArizonaSun® Hair Conditioner

A special blend of natural ingredients lets hair come alive with this penetrating pH balanced conditioner. Recommended for all hair types, leaving your hair with that ArizonaSun® Fragrance.

Your hair will feel softer and more manageable!

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After purchasing your Hair conditioner and shampoo in Arizona years and years ago, I am here to tell you I am still a fan. I live in California. Thank goodness for the internet because it is too hard to find here. B. Handley
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We love your products! We especially like the shampoo, hair conditioner and moisturizer! Thanks for making them. by Dancing Herrera
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Love your Hair Conditioner! Leaves my hair with that unique Arizona Sun fragrance. I first used your Arizona Sun shampoo. by Heidi Chen
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