ArizonaSun® - SPF-15 SunScreen - 1 oz.

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ArizonaSun® - SPF-15 SunScreen- 1 oz.

This cute little sample is the perfect size for purse, sports bag, golf bag and traveling.

One of our best selling products, this is the ideal way to treat and protect your skin with care. This greaseless, creamy sunscreen/suntan lotion allows you more time in the sun, while permitting a gentle tan. Reapply throughout the day. A unique blend of native Arizona cacti, plants and sun protectants keeps your skin soft and protected. Just wait until you smell this wonderful fragrance.

  • Oil Free
  • PABA Free.

Great on the ski slopes too.

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Picked this up in beautiful Sedona on a jeep trip into the desert. Perfect afternoon- great fun and no one got sunburned! We're hooked! By James and Paula
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Just ordered a ton more of these for our golf course. Best product, non greasy. You don't need to worry about putting this on and holding a golf club 5 minutes later. Been buying your products almost since you started. by Tre Davenport
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