(6pc) ArizonaSun® Lip Kist® - SPF 15

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(2pc) SPF 30 Oil-Free Sunscreen/ - 4 oz.
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Best Lip Balm on the market....Wait till you try it!

Unlike other lip balms, this is serious lip treatment that lasts for hours. It works wonders as a lip moisturizer as well as welcome relief for dry, chapped lips. It can be worn under or over lipstick and protects against the wind and harmful rays of the sun.

Kissed with lemon, so it's just delicious!

An excellent addition to our new RightForFlight travel bag. Check it out!

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I've lived in Az. for over 10 yrs. and I know the wrath of the desert's sun! It can be detremental to your lips health so you NEED effective lipbalm for those lips! I have never found a better lipbalm on the market! It's all I'll use! Now I live in N.Y. and I still use your products. I have my father ship it up to me from Az. just so I don't have to use any other! I love this Lipkist lipbalm!!!! Definetly worth the shipping and def. worth 5 stars!
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My husband and I found Lipkist 5 years ago and have used nothing else since! It was the perfect product for my father who has a rare skin disorder and also for my teenaged son while he was on Acutane. Pam - Denver
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The best lip stuff bar none! I LOVE it! by Kate C
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A friend of mine gave me your Lipkist and now I am hooked too! Yummy stuff! by Megan U.
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