ArizonaSun® - SPF-8 Sun Screen - 1 oz.

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ArizonaSun® - SPF-8 Sun Screen - 1 oz.

This cute little sample is the perfect size for purse, sports bag, golf bag and traveling.

This greaseless, creamy sunscreen/suntan lotion allows you more time in the sun, while permitting a gentle tan. A unique blend of native Arizona cacti, plants and sun protectants keeps your skin soft and protected. Just wait until you smell this wonderful fragrance.

  • Oil Free
  • PABA Free
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Wanted to go home with a "vacation tan", but didn't want to look like a lobster! Your SPF 8 did the trick! I really like it. By Marie Rushman
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Thanks for making a "trial" size. I am picky about sun products and I was glad to be able to try a small bottle first before having to spend $ on a large one. I will certainly be buying the large size next time. This stuff feels really nice! By Scott M.
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