ArizonaSun® Shampoo - 50 oz. W/Pump

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ArizonaSun® Shampoo

Our own natural pH-balanced formula. Enjoy beautiful, vibrant, manageable hair while bringing out its natural luster. Protectants help combat damaging effects of the sun and wind.  Recommended for all hair types, leaving your hair with that ArizonaSun® Fragrance.

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We order this size for our spa resort hotel. Guests love it and then want some so we direct them to our gift shop! Great money maker! by Inez Y.
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Your Arizona Sun Shampoo is the best... and the 50 oz. size is such a bargain! Thanks for making such wonderful products!By Carla and Jim
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Glad to see that you have the "extra large" size. Our whole family is hooked on it! Love the fragrance! By Renee W.
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