(2pc) SPF 30 Water Resistant Sunscreen - 4 oz.

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(2pc) SPF 30 Oil-Free Sunscreen/ - 4 oz.
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ArizonaSun® SPF 30 Water Resistant
  • Water-Resistant
  • Non-greasy
  • PABA Free sunscreen
For all-day sunning, give your skin the protection it needs. Our non-greasy, water resistant formula blends natural skin moisturizers and full ultraviolet absorbers for a safe way to enjoy all water and winter sports as well as all activities under the sun well as all activities under the sun with reapplication.


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Our family has been customers for over 15 years! We used this sunscreen when we went to the South Pacific and it was the only thing that kept our blonde and redheaded children from getting sunburned. THANK YOU!!!! The Jacobsons
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I've been using your sunscreen products since the late 1980's, and use your moisturizer all year. I find I have a more beautiful skin tone, burn less, stay tan longer with Arizona Sun than any other product. Trying to get my Hair Salon in Joplin, MO to start carrying your products!!
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We just discovered Arizona Sun on our trip to Scottsdale last weekend. We're sold!
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Why can we only give 5 stars? My family and extended family will not begin summer without at least 6 bottles of Waterproof 30. Nothing on the market comes close to it for effectiveness, feel and great smell! I found you in Michigan in 1992 and have been a confirmed customer ever since! Thanks for a great product and great service.
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