ArizonaSun® Shampoo - 16 oz.

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Special - (3pc) Skin Moisturizers 8oz. - SPF3
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ArizonaSun® Shampoo

Our own natural pH-balanced formula. Enjoy beautiful, vibrant, manageable hair while bringing out its natural luster. Protectants help combat damaging effects of the sun and wind.  Recommended for all hair types, leaving your hair with that ArizonaSun® Fragrance.

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Love using your shampoo and hair conditioner. Leaves my hair silky smooth and radiant with just a touch of that tropical smell! My husband uses your stuff too! by Lisa Bienick
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I was just in Arizona having many bad hair days before I found your products, they saved the day. I love them so much that as soon as I got home I ordered a huge bottle of the shampoo and conditioner. by Linda Warner
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Found your products reviewed in Glamour magazine so I ordered some years ago. They are still the best in the world. Love the fragrance! by Staci Werner
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My husband and I were on vacation years ago in Colorado where we found your shampoo and moisturizer! We love them both! by Jane Dunham
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