SPF3 Sun Tanning Oil - 6 oz.

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Special - (3pc) Skin Moisturizers 8oz. - SPF3
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Recommended for those with a healthy base tan, our oil is blended with natural tanning agents to absorb easily and capture the sun's rays. With a minimum screen, you are assured of a deep, dark, long lasting tan. Many of our customers use this as a massage oil or in a hot bath.
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I live in the SW (Las Vegas) and just used the last of my bottle of tanning oil SPF 3. I love this product - smells and tans great. Very happy to be able to find it again.
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I purchased this 2 years ago while visiting Arizona. Best tanning oil I've ever used. I have the best tan and get lots of compliments on it. Thanks for being on the net so I can continue to order. Terri M.
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I live outside Seattle, WA,Go HAWKS!! I purchased this product 20yrs ago in a specialty store that closed:( I pursued in on-line as it is the BEST tanning oil I have ever used!! good for all skins types:) ty!!
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Hi, I called your office cause I found a bottle of your sun oil, and it was dated 1986, thats the last time I was in Arizona, I LOVE your product, and am so glad your on the net now, so me and my freinds can order all we need now, Keep up the great work, you have great products, Kerry Massolle
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